Cosmetic Surgery

Creams for Ageing Changes and Pigmentation

Anti-ageing skin creams

There are many 'anti-aging' creams available over the counter. Many of these are very high quality moisturisers, and do not have any medical basis. Creams with more biologically active components for cosmetic improvement of the skin fall into two categories: creams for fine wrinkles and creams for brown patches and other pigment irregularities. Some creams contain a mixture of ingredients that together can improve the overall appearance of aging skin.

Tretinoin is related to vitamin A and is effective in improving fine wrinkles, 'dullness' of the skin and some aspects of sun damage. Some over the counter creams contain a weak concentration of tretinoin, but products supplied via a qualified doctor can contain a much higher concentration, and because of this are far more effective.

Melanin is the pigment found in the skin. It is usually distributed fairly evenly except for freckles and moles that are normal features of healthy skin. Sometimes pale brownish patches called melasma appear on the face, and these may be unsightly. Melasma sometimes has a hormonal cause and this is why it occurs during or following pregnancy. Brown patches of pigmentation also occur as part of the aging process and as the result of sun damage to the skin. Pigmentation irregularities may be improved using prescription creams containing hydroquinone.

I will advise on the best treatment available.